Tuesday, April 24

The Birthday Boy, well man

So my dad turned 60!  Can you believe it?  It seems so old, but he is not old, even if he still works a lot and is a new Stake President of a YSA Stake in Salt Lake.  He is the man!!  My mom, sisters and I planned a sweet surprise party for him too.  Well, my mom and sisters did most of the work, and it turned out great!!  Here is the invite: 

So, my sister had the idea (along with a ton of other cool ideas) to make a large 60 sign made up of pictures throughout his whole life.  They were printed in black and white and it looks awesome, see:

I loved going through all of the photos and just laughing and smiling seeing us as kids and my dad growing up and when he dated Pat, etc.... It's great!  So great, that I had to take some pics on my iphone to show them off.  So here are some of my favorites, and I think T looks just like me in one of the pics.  T even has the same little curls on the back of his head, it's cool. 

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