Wednesday, April 18

Baby Blessing

Last Sunday we had the opportunity to bless baby D.  It was a great day!  Our church is from 1-4 and we had family visiting from out of state, so we had a big brunch before church so they could head home after the meeting.  It worked out great!  We had tons of food, (Fruit, donuts, cinnamon rolls, french toast, etc....) and lots of good friends and family there to support us.  Thanks for coming! 

The wifey's mom and friend made her blessing dress, and yes it is pink and yes Darla's nailed are hot pink.  She is such a girl, ha!  The blessing went well and I wasn't even that nervous, I mean this is the second time that I have done this.  It's becoming natural now, ha! 

Like normal, I just got some pics with the iphone.  T was not happy in one of the pictures, I think he wanted another donut. 

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