Thursday, April 19

2 Months

Baby D is already 2 months!  Can you believe it?  Where does the time go?  She is growing and changing everyday, seriously she is.  It's weird.  I forgot how small they are when they are first born and how much they grow.  I swear I leave for work, come home that night and she looks bigger and a little more grown up.

She loves it when you tickle her cheeks, it makes her smile.  She is quite the eater and knows how to really chow down.  She loves her swing and to suck on her hands lately.  We started putting her in the Bumbo (I like to call it a Bimbo chair though) chair and she loves it.  It is great having a little girl around our house. T is also a great big brother who just really wants her to be bigger so she will play basket ball with him in the basement, ha!  Soon enough she  will be able to. 


Aaron S said...

It is extremely tempting to take that first picture in the Bumbo and turn it into a meme. So many great quotes could go with that startled face.

Marcus Lane said...

Ha. That would be funny!!

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