Friday, April 20

Race Time

The time has finally come to run.  This weekend, well tomorrow is the Salt Lake City Half Marathon and then next weekend (Saturday) is the Color Me Rad Run.  I am beyond excited for these races, they are going to be a blast!  I am running both of them with friends this year so it should be a blast!  Our Dirty Dozen team for the Color me Rad race is gonna be a blast!  I think the race is full now, so sorry if you forgot to sign up, there is always next year.  The race tomorrow starts up at the U of U and finishes at the Gateway, come on out if you will be around, plus most of the streets around Salt Lake are closed anyways.  Here is the course map:

Plus, we have a wedding this weekend, house guests (who are flying in now!) and more fun all weekend long!  We had a killer surprise party for my dad last night, I will blog about it next week.  It was so much fun and everything turned out great! 

Until then, here are some pics of last year's race in the SLC.  Maybe I will wear tie dye again....ha. 


Jamie said...

good luck! Sounds like alot of fun! Who will be your house guests? I was hoping to make it to the wedding, but I have stuff here I have to do this weekend.
You NEED torun the Utah valley race with Sally (full marathon) and me (half marathon) plus Shane and my family will be running the finish line, so we will get all the goods :)

Aaron S said...

I loved running the SLC Marathon a few years back. Have a great race! Run relaxed, run fast!

Marcus Lane said...

Jamie- Sally ended up running with me, I had a friend drop out so she took over and I would love to do that race, but I think we mat be gone that weekend.....oh, and our house guests are some friends in town from San Diego!

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