Friday, February 10

A Baby Shower

Last week the wifey's good friend threw her a baby shower and it was a complete success.  It was nice for the wifey to get together with some family and friends and get a few more items for baby #2.  I know they had good food, drinks dessert!   (I got to try it all after!)

Baby #2 got quite a few handmade quilts that look awesome!  I will have to post some pics of them on here in another post.  Thanks to everyone who went!  We truly appreciate it and Brit and Miriam thanks for hosting and putting it all together on such short notice.  It is so nice to know that people still care on your second child. (ha!)  Below are a few pics that Heidi send to me:

Now we will just wait until that baby gets here.  While the women were at the shower, the men and this kids had a great dinner at Five Guys followed with ice cream and play time at McDonald's for the kiddies.  It was a prefect night.  It was nice to have the Challis Family in town too for the shower and J's baptism!!


Jordyn said...

Natalie is probably the most beautiful pregnant mama I've ever seen! She is just glowing and looks just beautiful!! Did you guys decide on Darla for the baby's name? The letters above Natalie in the picture looked like they spelled Darla, but I wasn't sure! I can't believe baby is due TOMORROW! So happy for you guys, have an amazing week and enjoy V-day together!

Marcus Shields said...

thanks! and yes we are thinking of a different name. I guess we will find out this week when we meet her!

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