Monday, February 13

Music Monday - Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You [Final Scene of The Bodyguard]

It only seems appropriate that we honor the legendary artist Whitney Houston today since she has passed from this world. It really is sad to see such great people die. Whitney is/was a legendary singer and she had some awesome hits! I remember as a child listening to her. I think I knew every song from the Bodyguard soundtrack that to my mom would always listen to.  It was great! 

I can also remember coming home late in high school with my buddies and we were in the car parked out front of my house all singing this song at the top of our lungs and my mom came out and told us to be quiet. Ha! She could hear us all the way inside the house.

So this one's for you Whitney, thanks for all the great hits! Listen and sing along with her, you know you want to!

PS-  Baby #2 will be here soo soon!  Stay tuned for updates and wish us luck!

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