Thursday, January 26

My Training Schedule

The half marathon training is going pretty well so far.  Some days are harder than others to find (or make) the time to run.  I have been going to the gym after work to hit the treadmill, run my neighborhood streets on the cold weekends and I have even been running before work at 6 am.  I know, I'm crazy.  I even saw 3 other runners out that early, it was dark and they were wearing head lamps and reflectors on their shirts.  They are smart.  I was wearing an over sized Arizona Cardinals sweatshirt that I got for free, ha! 

I have been doing pretty good with getting in the right mileage each week, so that's good.  Scott and i are going to go on a longer run one of these days and see how our paces are, etc.... We just need to get our schedules to match up one day, hopefully a warmer day.  I would love to go run up City Creek again, they have awesome trails up there.  Hopefully some of you have signed up for the Half Marathon, it's a good race with an excellent course.


Aaron S said...

Way to stick to your training schedule, Shields! It's about time I get back on mine, and seeing that you're doing it is good motivation for me.

Marcus Shields said...

get going then Smyth!! Come to UT and we will run a marathon!!

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