Friday, January 27

Toddler T Updates

I think it is only fair that I post a couple more times about T, since his world is going to change in a couple weeks when baby #2 is here!  So here is an update about him and what he is up to these days.

He is now 27 months old and has the personality to prove it.  The wifey has been working to get him potty trained so we don't have 2 kids in diapers and she has nailed it!  He goes potty all day every day and we give him lots of chocolate milk and juice to drink so he will pee more.  He loves to get treats when he goes potty and we are yet to have a major accident!  (Knock on Wood....)  He got to pick out his own undies and loves to wear them around the house without any pants on, ha! We moved him out of the nursery and into his own new room.  He now sleeps in a big boy bed (bun beds actually, for when his cousins sleep over) and loves to have all of his blankets and animals in bed with him.  He is obsessed with his Teddy (Bob), Elmo, Panda Bear, Luis and baby Luis.  He sleeps good in his bed, but gets up a lot earlier these days.  He has all of his books in his new room on his new shelves and the pics/art that he likes the most are up on the walls. 

T loves to jump off the furniture in our house, jump down the stairs, play basketball in the basement whenever he gets the chance, scoot around the house, play with his animals, read books, watch his baby shows, take his blankie everywhere, build towers and temples with his Lego's and as of lately he loves eating those little tangerine orange things. 

He is so nice to his animals.  He hold them, cuddles them, kisses them, feeds them, hugs them etc..... hopefully he will be that nice when baby #2 is here.  I am sure he will, he is a good boy!  We love having him around and can't wait to see him as a big brother. 

(his last night in the crib with all of his blankies and animals)

(T loving his Thomas the Train undies)

(With his flock of animals, they go everywhere!)

(T's stuff in his room)


Sharon said...

he's a stud. I can't believe he's potty training. Sheesh! Tucker just barely, within the last month really got it down and he's a whole year older then your T. Way to go little guy!

Sharon said...

opps. this is Julie. On my mom's computer. haha.

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