Wednesday, January 25

Birthday Celebrations

Well, my birthday has come and gone and left me as a 30 year old, officially.  It feels good, so far!  Since my birthday was on a Sunday, it was mellow and nice.  I like that.  I did have to give a talk in church though.  I spoke about teaching and went over church teachers but mainly concentrated on be a teacher as a parent.  It was a good topic and I enjoyed doing some extra studying. 

I woke up kind-of early with T and we made breakfast and funfetti cupcakes to celebrate the day.  After church we headed to the parentals in Salt Lake and had a big southern food feast to celebrate the birthdays of myself, my mom, Teresa, Natalie (little) and Jeffrey.  It was awesome!  Lots of good food, desserts and family time.  We watched the 49'ers lose (it was an intense overtime) and then watched Idol, where my cousin Alexis killed it!  She was so great. 

Here are a few pics of the evening.  I love how T is licking his lips in the second picture.  He must really want a cupcake. 

Baby Presley send me a pic message wishing she could have been there.  Her and our baby #2 will be BFF, right Lisa?  Or baby T can marry her, or both will work, ha.  Adios friends and family. 

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