Thursday, January 19


My cousins are awesome!  They have a new business called CAHOOTAL.  It is their new baby where they sell produce, meats, cheese, chocolates, spreads and beverages all throughout Utah so you can get it locally.  As they say on their website:

"Buying local is not a new concept - Neanderthals invented it. We're simply trying to keep it going. We like local food because it usually tastes better and because it helps our neighbors' farms and businesses. When we can't find something that's made locally (like real extra virgin olive oil), we buy from our local importers or from the nearest source. Cahootal is mostly for Utah/by Utah, but other people can buy, too :)" 

So please support them and LIKE them on Facebook, sign up for the newsletter on their website and get the word out, thanks and go get your cahootal on, because you know I have! 

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River Trout said...

Thanks Marcus for the best support!!! xoxoxoxo

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