Wednesday, January 18

Family Movie Night

Last weekend we went to a movie, as a family and with other family members.  It was T's second time in a real movie theater.  We went to Towne Cinemas in AF and it was perfect!  The tickets are only $1.50 and everyone there has kids, so it's not the end of the world if your child is a little loud, makes noise, etc......

We saw Puss in Boots, and it was a decent show.  All the kiddies loved it, so that's what really matters. They love getting popcorn, drinks and candy for the show too.  They have cheap suckers and candy in the theater too to keep the kids quiet for maybe 5 minutes, ha!  It was fun and we ended the evening with milkshakes at the one and only JCW

Below are a couple more pics that I took while T and I were on our Saturday morning run in our neighborhood:

 T insisted on wearing these glasses.  They were from a 3-D movie, ha!  He is too funny!

And he loves all of the tractors that we see all the time in our neighborhood.  They just keep building and building new stuff.  Can't wait until it is done this fall!!

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