Tuesday, January 24

A Birthday Bounce

So, my mom and I have the same birthday, and my little sisters is the day after, and my sister in laws in the following week and my nephews is a week before and since we are all living in Utah right now, my parents rented out Jump Around Utah last Saturday night, so we could all get our bounce on!  And that we did!

This place was so much fun.  We were all running and bouncing all over the place.  We had birthday cake and tons of other desserts and just had a good time.  The layout of the place is nice.  There is a huge bouncy thing in the middle and then lots of bounce houses, slides and a kids area on all of the sides.  So when the parents aren't bouncing they can see everything and keep an eye on the kiddies.  T loved it!  He would climb up the kids stuff, and then race to go down the slide and keep up with the older kids.  It was fun!! 

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