Thursday, October 13

Happy Birthday Baby T

Dear Baby T-

Now that you are turning 2, I think I might have to start calling you Toddler T, deal?  I can't believe how fast you are growing up.  You are talking more and more everyday and the new words that you learn are sometimes funny.  Thanks for always repeating what I say and what Mommy says. 

I am sorry that we cut your binky the week, but it was time.  I mean you are turning 2 today. You have now slept for 3 nights without the binky, and you have been fine.  It's a good thing that the binky is 'broken.'

I love seeing your facial expressions when you see something new, or get surprised.  You are learning so much everyday and it's hard to keep up.  You have been such a good helper lately and love to do whatever we are doing.  I hope you continue to play in the dirt and rocks, throw everything, drinks lots of chocolate milk, eat more and more everyday, have an opinion about what you wear, what you sleep in and what shoes you like the best.  (Your green rain boots have the favorite these past few weeks). 

Thank you for being a part of our family.  You will be the best big brother to baby #2.  Thanks for always making me laugh and here's to another great year!  Happy Birthday buddy!

-Marcus Lane

And some of the latest pics from our evening walk the other night in our neighborhood


Lauren and Tyson Fiala said...

Happy birthday T! And we just realized you guys are having a baby...and a girl!! Hooray! So exciting. Congratulations!! Girls are so much fun.

shields family said...

Thanks Fiala Family! I wish we were all in Denver together! Hope you guys are loving Texas though!!

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