Friday, October 14

Flash Back Friday - East Coast

Back in the Spring of 2006, (maybe it was 2005...?) my cousin Jamie was running the Boston marathon so we (some of the cousins) made a trip out of it and hit  up the east coast for a week.  We spend a few days in Boston with Chels, Mike and Kylee and then drove down the coast to NYC for a couple days there.  It was a great trip, and I have the best cousins ever.  I loved seeing all of the historical sites and next time I go out there I want to see Philadelphia and of course Washington DC.  Someday I will go back for more and probably take the wifey along to see all the sites too. 

We have always been close and this trip just made it better.  We have a lot of good stories to tell from this trip, just see from the pics below:


Jamie said...

HEY! I was hoping this made the flashback day! This was a great trip. i am writing this from DC and you definitely need to come back and see the sights. It is amazing!

Brityn said...

Guess whose sweater Jess is wearing... it's almost like I got to go too. Ha!

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