Thursday, October 20

Halloween scares the little ones

Fall is pretty much here and that means Halloween is just around the corner!  Toddler T has already been dressing up!  I wish we had some more costumes for him to wear though!  He wore this all day yesterday and loved it.  Who wouldn't love it?!  I wish I could dress up everyday. 

Mary sent us some Halloween stuff to put up at our house, so the other night we decorated our front porch area with it all.  Toddler T is terrified of the spider, seriously.  Freaked out. 
He gets this look on his face that is indescribable.  Poor kid.  He always talks to the ghost though and says 'bye ghost' whenever we walk by the front door, ha!

We also got "BOO"ed the other night too.  I totally forgot about this, and remember doing it as a kid growing up.  We got some yummy chocolate chip cookies, and need to return the favor to 2 other families soon. 

We also went over to Cornbelly's the other evening, and it was great!  Once the sun went down it got cold, really cold and windy!  The local dentist office hosted a fun family night for free, it was great!  There were tons of families there and kids were going crazy for all of the activities and the parents just loved the free donuts!  Fall is definitely here and it feels good!!


Aaron S said...

Awesome that he wears the costume all day. What a stud!

Michelle 2021 said...

Love love love love love fall. Love costumes, love candy, love anything with cinnamon in it. Love decorations and love coats and hats! It's funny that you say T is scared of the spider, Little M got pretty scared today. Watched a spooky episode of Super Why and had to have the pretend/real discussion. Said a little prayer. So cute but all new experiences for her, right?

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