Friday, October 21

Flash Back Friday - Halloween 2005

Oh man.....this picture cracks me up!  This was Halloween 2005, in Provo.  My roommate was in school to become a fire fighter and his brother worked for the SLCFD and we borrowed some of his gear for the night.  I think we went to the UVU Halloween Dance that night, and I am pretty sure it was crazy, because they usually are.  We had gone to the HOWL at Utah State in Logan the year before and that party was just as crazy.  We dressed up as 'super heroes' I wonder if they still have that party??  Anyone know?  There are some awesome (awesome meaning skanky, ha!) costumes there and people can get pretty creative. 

My cousin always told me that the way people dress on Halloween is the way they wish they could dress everyday of their lives.  Think about it, it's kinda true. 

Hopefully you are getting some good costumes for this year's Halloween festivities.  Enjoy it, it will be here soon!


dannynstephstoddart said...

bah hah hah hah hah hah. How is Elliot doing? Tell him hey next time ya talk to him.

shields family said...

ha ha! oh i will steph!!

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