Tuesday, October 11

The baby name game

It's nice to find out if you are having a boy or girl.  This way we can narrow the baby name game down to 1 list.  We are working on the girl list and have it narrowed down to 4 (ish) names.  Then we have to think about middle names.  None of the girls in my family have middle names, but all of the wifey's do.  I like them, and then when baby #2 gets married she can drop Shields as her last name, or take 2 middle names.  It doesn't matter to me.  Geesh, it gets confusing though.  It could be worse though, at least that's what I tell myself.  If we were in the Latin culture than we would have to have 4-6 names, ha!  But seriously, they have a lot of names, it's cool. 

Once we do decide on a name, then you have to tell people and everyone has an opinion about names.  I find it all quite comical.  We will name our child what we want, end of story.  So, as we have been looking at names and what not, I came across this list of the most popular names.  It basically gives the most popular names of the 2000's.

Marcus is #115 on the list.  And some of the girl names that we like are not even on the list........is that a good sign or a bad sign?  We want a name that is a little bit different, but not too weird, ya know?!

Well, here's baby T, because a blog post is boring with out pictures. 


Brityn said...

Thanks for that link; very interesting! Not gonna lie, so far I hate the name game. We've only talked about it twice and have done zero narrowing down. I'm realizing that it's just too much commitment for me. Ha!

marcus lane said...

Maybe you guys are those people that have to see the baby before you can do the name. once you see the face, then you will know!

Brityn said...

I don't think we're those people. I've never seen a newborn that doesn't just look like a lizard and ours will be no exception.

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