Tuesday, September 13

How to Throw a You Tube Party

1.  Have a love for you tube videos. Obviously. 
2.  Have cool and awesome friends with a projector and screen who also love you tube videos and like to throw parties. 
3.  Have a talented and creative sister who will make it look good.
4.  Pick a date, a time a place and then get the word out.
5.  Email friends, use FB, blogs etc.... to get everyone favorite videos.  Make a list.
6.  Make popcorn, have treats and candy as well as drinks for the guests.
7.  Watch you tube movie clips all night long and enjoy!

It's that easy and that's what made the The 2nd Annual You Tube Party a huge success!  Thanks to everyone who came and participated.  Our cousin Amy won the award.  We couldn't decide on just 1 movie, but she made the best suggestions and won the award!

We also celebrated Dave's graduation from the U of U MBA program!  He is finally done after 2 long years of school and work full time.  I can't decide if Monica or Dave is more excited to be done, ha!  Monica made some awesome signs for him and a cool big U with photos over the last 2 years. 
Here are some pics I snapped with the iphone:

Here are some of the good videos that were the favorites of the night:
  • Taco Town
  • Top10 Treadmill Falls
  • Japanese Pranks (too many to list)
  • Baby Thongs SNL skit
  • Would you look at that
  • Mom Jeans SNL skit
  • Cats dating online profile
  • And soooo many more! 
Here are the good pics that my sister Monica took, enjoy!

Can't wait for the next party.  Until next summer. 


Ashley B-Janke said...

Looks amazing! Sorry we couldn't make it. Next time...next time.

shields family said...

Yes, next year Ashley!

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