Wednesday, September 14


I like this picture.  A few weeks ago our good friends Brady & Carol blessed baby Grace and baby Ryder even made an appearance. (Who is the new son on Tyler & Saffron). You see, I met these guys on my mission while serving in Guatemala, almost 10 years ago.  That was a long time ago.  But after all these years of spending time together we have reached the stage of real adults. 

We have been through the mission, college, living together, trips, marriage and now we all have children.  We are grown ups, or try to pretend that we are.  It feels great to be trying to live the adult life when really you know we just want to move back to Grannies house and have Brady cook for us 24/7.  Ha!  We missed the Lignells though.   (Not pictured are Elliot and Krissy and their 2 daughters)

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