Thursday, September 8

House Pics

I know some of you have been asking for pics of the interior of our house since we moved in and I finally snapped some pics of our new home for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy! 

Front Porch Area
Front Entry

Guest Bedroom

Baby T Room (Soon to be new baby #2 nursery)

4th Bedroom (soon to be baby T's new room with bunk beds!)

Kitchen - Dining - Living Room

Master Bedroom (I want a cool headboard for the bed, any ideas?)



And there you have it!  We love the new house and the neighborhood is perfect.  There are tons of young families and lots of kids everywhere!  We have a great view too.  There are still plenty of projects to do and the ideas are never ending in my head.  I just need the time and money to do them, ha! 
Come on over and visit anytime!  We love having guests. 


Aaron Smyth said...

The house looks great! For your headboard, I think you should search on Pinterest for "door headboard". Lots of cool ways to do it.

marcus lane said...

brilliant idea Smyth, I am on it!

Sam, Julie, Tucker & Maizie said...

fun house! I like the living room/dining a lot. Super cute.

Ashley B-Janke said...

It's about time!! ha ha Your house is adorable! I especially love the robin egg blue entry table. Sweet as can be.

I agree that an old door would make a fantastic-al headboard. Thee bestest!!

Room dividers also make great headboards. You can usually find them at the D.I. or my personal fav. Savers!! A ceiling to floor curtain gives great texture also.

Have fun!!

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