Wednesday, September 7

RIP Polly

It was a typical drive to work that day.  I was cruising along the I-15 and noticed that I was running low on gas.  I thought I should be able to make it to work and I can fill it up on my way home.  As I passed the Draper exit my Toyota started smoking from under the hood and making some thumping noises.  It was still driving and I got a little nervous.  I signaled to get over to the far right lane in case I needed to get off of the freeway.  The car started smoking more and more and all of the cars around me were keeping their distance.  I kept driving until the next exit, made it off the exit and pulled into the closest parking lot.  I turned her (meaning the car, her name in Polly) off and had to make a quick decision. Do I try to drive it to work, it's only 2 more exits on the I-15, or do I just try to see what happened, do I get it towed, etc....  After making a few phone calls I tried starting Polly.  She started but did not sound well and I then noticed that there was a huge puddle of oil under the engine.  What happened to her??

She was eventually towed to the closest mechanic shop to see what the damage would be.  I was late for work that day $76 bucks later Polly was dead.  The mechanic said everything failed!  The motor was shot and the clutch went out.  RIP POLLY!!  She will now be donated to the kidney foundation for a nice tax write off.  She was a good car, and many are sad to see her go.  This was the wifey's car in high school as well as 3 of her siblings.  I sent a picture out to all of them so they could see her before she goes. 

We are now a 1 car family for the time being.  We will see how long this will last though.  The upside is that I didn's stop to fill her up with gas.  I would have wasted $30 bucks! 

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dannynstephstoddart said...

Bummer! Now it's new car shopping time though... horray! ;) We have done the whole "1 Car Family" thing for the summer... and I'm so over it. As soon as we get back to CA we are getting another car... So we will have lasted about 6-7 months... wonder how long you'll last ;)

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