Thursday, August 18

Prison Break Done - Check that off the list!

We finally finished all the seasons of Prison Break!  We have been hooked since we moved back from Denver and watched every chance we could with the LMP's before they left us and moved to CA......  We had 3 disks left and never got the chance to finish them because this summer has been cray busy and our schedules did not match up.

So the wifey and I finally broke down, rented them from Blockbuster last weekend (where you can get $.99 rentals now) and finished it.  We liked it, but were a little disappointed in the 'Final Break.'  There is a movie that came out after the final episode.  I think they just wanted to milk it for more money and that is why they made it.  It was good, but just kept going and going. 

You should probably still watch it though, it's totally worth it all of the late late nights! 


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