Friday, August 19


Every Sunday we go to Church.  We like church and now baby T likes church.  Since we are new in our ward, we do not have callings......yet.  We are still getting to know people in the ward and try to introduce ourselves to new people every week. 

Baby T spends his time in the nursery and I have been asked to substitute in the nursery for 2 weeks now.  It's been great!  Although, it may be a little harder for Baby T because now he can't get away with some things because I am around, ha!  I enjoy spending 2 hours with these babies, well toddlers.  We have 2 nurseries in our ward because there are so many young kids.  It's awesome!  It's just what we wanted.  That is why we built out house where we did.  We wanted to be surrounded by other 'young' families who are in the same stage of life as we are.  There were 9 kids there last week and some are just barely 18 months old and others are way too big and should be moving onto Primary real soon.  They just look at the younger kids, like they are babies.  Well they are babies, they can't talk and they aren't potty trained yet.  It all makes sense, right!?

It feels nice to be with these kids.  I have never done it before and it has to be a hard calling.  I give props to those couples that do this every week.  And it is nice to see the other grown men in there.  I am not someone who thinks that the woman has specific roles and the man has specific roles.  I am not someone who thinks that the husband works all day and makes the money where the wife raises the children, cooks and cleans, does laundry all day.  I think that the husband gets to participate in these other activities with his wife.  I enjoy cleaning, doing laundry and making dinner and spending time with the wifey and baby T. Maybe I am odd, or not as manly, but isn't that how it's supposed to be?  I guess I am not as traditional as I thought.  I see some couples where the husband works all day, comes home late from work and expects this lavish and fancy dinner to be on the table ready to go every night.  And then he gets to have his time, to read, play video games, watch tv, etc.... it's weird.   But maybe it works for them.  Every family is different, I keep having to remind myself of that. 

As for me and my role as a husband and father, I want to be there and be involved.  I don't expect specific roles to be given and just want to enjoy all the time that we have together.  Ok, enough rambling for today.  Here is a funny clip of a little giddy AC laughing on tv, ha ha!  He sounds like a little school girl. 

Enjoy it and happy weekend! 

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Chelsea said...

I LOVE this and completely agree with you. Before I had a kid I used to think the traditional role was unfair to women, making them unable to pursue their own talents, financially dependent, basing their worth on the actions of their children, etc. After I had a kid I think the compelte opposite. Now I think the traditional role is unfair to men, forcing them to work rather than be with the kids, making them unable to experience the greatest kind of love that only comes from a deep connection, time investment, and the daily parenting struggles, etc. It's funny how experience changes your perspective, I'm sure I'll change again in my lifetime, but for now I think your priorities are divine.

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