Thursday, June 30

Baby T Updates

He is 20 months now and is growling like a weed!  His hair is super blond and he has little curls on the back and above his ears.  I had the curls too when I was that age.  He loves to be outside and that just makes his hair even lighter.  He has a couple little bikes and tricycles that he loves to ride around outside up and down the sidewalk on our street.  He loves to play in the backyard (keep in mind it's just dirt and rocks) and throw rocks off the edge, dig in the dirt, etc.... 

After all of the boating over the weekend, T woke up the other morning and asked mom over and over again to put the life jacket on him.  She did and he wore it all morning long, ha!

 He plays really hard, and apparently does not get enough sleep because he fell asleep in his mom's arms and ended up on floor for a morning nap. 

He  knows if he is left out too.  If we all have cups, then he wants one too. He is very aware of
his surroundings and what is going on. 

 He loves to play in the water and recently discovered that he could run thru the sprinklers
to cool down quite a bit.

 One of his bikes that he loves to ride.  Although, he refuses to put his feet on the pedals.  They reach and all,
but he just runs his little legs super fast and pushes himself.

He still loves his basketballs (well all balls) and we dress him accordingly
(Thanks to the Pratt's)

He is talking more and more and we are actually starting to understand what he is saying sometimes.  He has a mouth on him and is very verbal all the time.  If you don't understand what he is saying then he will grab your finger and direct to whatever he is talking about, it's pretty funny.  He is funny and he love having him around. 

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