Tuesday, May 3

Update #10

These updates are quickly coming to an end.  The house look so good and it will be done so soon!  The kitchen cabinets are in and we love them!!  They are so fresh and crisp and the counter tops will go in this week too.  I am most excited for our kitchen sink, ha!  All of the lighting fixtures are in and the plumbing will be done this week and then they will finish the flooring, (carpet and wood) finishing the exterior stucco, build a balcony, front steps, patio, a retaining wall, landscaping the front yard, and a few (well.... maybe a hundred) small things to finish the house off.   

We are so close though, maybe 3'ish more weeks until we get the keys!  Check out the pics:


Jamie said...

So I guess we'll come over for dinner in June ? J/K It looks great! So excited for you guys! Come to my parents house next time you go to look at it, we are just around the corner and usually free. call me and come over!

shields family said...

ya come on over! i usually just go by on my way home from work and i am pretty oring these days unless baby T is with us, ha!

we will call soon.

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