Wednesday, April 20

Other Weekend Activities

The weekend was packed full of stuff.  Baby T got to spend a lot of time with his cousins in slc, play ball, watched some nba games and had great food, enjoyed a little sun, recover from running, played at the park, etc....

Here are some of the pics:

what a little stud!


Oh, and I almost forgot.  T went to nursery this week on his very own and he loved it!  We dropped him off and he sat right down and began to do some puzzles with the other kids.  He seemed to do fine and he made a little puppet too.  We was so pleased with it.  Honestly it was nice to just sit and listen in the other meetings and not have to worry. 

And he is loving these swords that he found and always wants to sword fight. 

What a boy. 


Monica said...

swords? no way! i thought he only liked balls! what a cute little guy.

the shields riot said...

yes swords! apparently his interests are exapnding.

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