Tuesday, April 26

Easter 2011

Don't you just love Easter? We sure do. You get to take the extra time to reflect on Christ and what he has done for you in your life. It's a great celebration. And hunting for eggs and candy is just an added bonus.

This year we celebrated In Reno with the Challis family. We had a great time. Ate tons of good food, tons of good candy, saw a couple movies, dyed easter eggs, did a session at the Reno Temple and Turner played and played. He loved all of the candy but didn't get the egg hunt. When he found an egg he would open it and want to eat the candy before he went to find another one. So funny!

He found his little basket with some candy, a swimsuit, sandals, another basketball hoop, and a pull suitcase from gma. He is obsessed with pulling that suitcase all over the place. Funny kid.

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