Wednesday, April 13

18 months.....already

Baby T is already 18 months!  Can you believe it?  We sure can't. It seems like last month we were swinging by the red box on our way to the hospital, remember that? The time has flown by and he is such a funny kid.  We can probably stop calling him a baby, since he is all over the place and doing so many new things.  He has gone to nursery once, with his mom and loved it!  Next week he is going in all by himself and we will actually be able to participate in the lessons.  What a great day that will be!

T is still obsessed with any type of ball (keep it clean please). 
He is getting good at shooting hoops and he loves to talk non stop jibberish, where about every third word is 'ball' or 'ball game.' 

He loves to sing and hum songs. 
He knows where the candy is hidden at our house and loves chocolate milk.
He still sleeps with his 'blankie' and binky.  (Maybe he still is baby.....)
He loves to run.  He races from one wall to the other in our family room. 
He copies everything that we do and knows when he is left out. 
If we have a spoon at dinner and he doesn't, then he will make it known until he gets one. 

And the list goes on and on.
We love having him around and enjoy watching him learn and develop new things.

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Chelsea said...

He's too big! I cannot believe it.

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