Friday, March 11

week #1 update

i figured it would be easier and more organized if i numbered the updates on our new home, (a little ocd...maybe?!) so here is the first of many house updates.  i seem to have these urges to stop by the lot everyday after work and see the house, it's ridiculous, but fun.  plus it's on the way home, and just a few minutes off of the freeway.

our lot is a little larger than some of the others in the sub-division and is an odd shape.  the lot slopes down, which means we get a basement will garden windows.  that basically means no window wells!  i am sure it will be nice to have that extra light down there.  below are the pics that i took with the iphone the other evening. the hole has been dug out and the cement has been poured for the foundation walls of the house.

from the street below our house.
east side of the house
back side
west side of the house-garage.  

there is another house being build just up the street from ours.  i think they are about 3+ weeks ahead of us and they already have walls to their house!  and there are already 4 homes build too and a model home down lower in the neighborhood.  we are excited to see the changes every week.  and if you want to be our neighbors then come and build a house by us! 


dani said...

that is soooo cool! i LOVE new home updates! keep 'em coming:)

Monica said...

RAD! It already is taking form! I'm jealous!!

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