Thursday, March 10

back at it

since the race is coming up next month, and with the move, the cold weather, etc....i have not been running and training as much as i should have.  this week the weather has been a little warmer and i pulled out the jogging stroller from storage to push baby t in, and we have been back at it almost every night after work. 

i have a great route that i have been doing where we get to see plenty of deer, horses, houses and scenery from jogging up the canyon.  and baby t can remember why he loves being pushed around so much and he even gets a little nap in here and there. 

hopefully we can keep it up and get to where i want to be for the race and this spring like weather will continue. the race will be here in just over a month, yikes!  in other news, turner is obsessed with any kind of ball.  seriously.  no one believes it until they see him.  we talks a ton on jibber jabber and in every sentence he has to say 'ball.'  it's great.  we always has to have a ball in his hand, any kind of ball; a basketball, soccer ball, tennis ball, ping pong ball, football, etc......
he is super funny and loves being outside. 

here are a few pics of him these days:

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Nichelle said...

tuner is so cute! i ccan't believe he falls asleep in the stroller, you guys are so lucky. you're also so lucky to have that scenery on your runs. i miss utah sooooo much. i had no idea it would ever feel like home!

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