Monday, March 28

those weekends come and go

these weekends just seem to fly right by, they come and go way too fast.  i just want to slow things down a little bit.  we just relaxed on friday night, watched a red box flick and ate lots of startburst jelly beans, so good!  saturday, we slept in a little, took a nice 7 mile run (until the jogging stroller got a flat tire), visited the draper temple and had dinner and dessert with friends in the slc. 

turner has been loving his beenie lately.  he normally just wears it when i push him in the stroller, but he didn't want to take it off this time.  he is super funny.  since we have been watching and talking all about basketball games, his new word is 'ball game'.  he is still obsessed with any type of ball and loves to go outside, no matter what the weather or how cold it is. 

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