Thursday, March 24

#3 house update

we have walls on our house!  that's right, they have started to frame the actual house, so it looks like an actual house now.  awesome.  they poured the cement in the garage and the basement and then started framing.  it has some of the walls up, you can see where the windows will be, and the garden basement will be nice with that extra light coming in. 

it was great to drive by this time and actually start to see the structure of the house taking place.  there were still some guys working too while i drove by, i am sure they will start to recognize me and my car, ha.  we are beyond excited! 

(west) side of the house

 back w/ windows



dannyhaley said...

Awesome, t looks great! When can we come over to stay the night?! Just kidding!

salt lake city slickers said...

ya bring your tent and sleeping bag! :)

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