Monday, March 28

the fictionist

have you guys heard of this band?  i have, and they are awesome!  2 of the guys grew up in our neighborhood in slc, and they have always been playing music and it is awesome to see how they have grown and become pretty much famous!

they are in a competition to be on the cover of rolling stone magazine, so you should go on over and vote for them!  here is the link:  ROLLING STONE FICTIONIST 

I heard them on the radio last week, playing live and they are coolio.  i have been listening to some of their stuff at work lately and really enjoy it, so go and visit their website, or fb page and pass the word along. 


Ashley B-Janke said...

I will have to check them out.
By the way...when you see my blog is everything really small? I am struggling with the layout right now.

salt lake city slickers said...

yes you will. and no, the blog looks fine and normal.

dannyhaley said...

We love them, Robbie and Kaitlin were in our old ward.

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