Monday, March 7

babies and a baptism

this weekend was filled with meeting new babies and being there to see taylor get baptized and confirmed a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  it was awesome! (so was BYU's win!) 

during the program, they had all the primary kids go on the stand and sing i am a child of god.  turner saw all of the kids walking up, so he followed them.  he got up the stairs and put his little face over the edge and pretended to sing, just like the other kids were doing.  it was great!  and he was so proud of himself. we are thinking that he must be ready for nursery, ha!  also, at church yesterday he found a shovel in the hallway and just took off outside pulling the shovel behind him.  who does he think he is?? and where is he going?  (see pic below) 

so, here are some pics.

we met baby allison, the newest addition to the bauman family. 

then met baby elizabeth, then newest addition to the wall family. 
the wall family (minus the baby) at t's baptism. 

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Sally said...

I'm so jealous you get to be with all of your sibs all the time! Where is that lot you are building on? How exciting!

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