Thursday, December 9

somebody likes christmas

turner is loving his christmas stuff.  we got him an advent calendar and he loves to open the flaps and eat the cheap chocolate, ha! 

grandma also sent him an early christmas present, a fisher price manger scene,  he loves it and moves all of the pieces around and of course sucks on them all. 

in other updates, his molars are starting to come in, which explains the excessive amounts of drool this past week.  he thinks he is so grown  up and can help us out.  whenever he does something he claps for himself, it's so funny.  he loves to throw his own diapers away and clean up toys before he goes to bed. 

we are teaching him different sounds, like a dag says 'woof" and santa says 'ho ho ho.'  he is funny when we tries to repeat it.  we just love this little guy and everyday gets better!

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