Friday, April 9

oh the things you see

yesterday was a perfect spring day!  after work i put turner in the jogging stroller and we went for the perfect run!  it was 61 degrees, the sun was out and so were tons of other runners. 
we looped through all the streets in our neighborhood and ended up running around sugarhouse park.  turner snoozed through most of it and i had my tunes to keep me going.  we ended up doing 7.4 miles, and couldn't of felt better. 

also, earlier this week i was running and saw this in the front yard of some house:

how random is that?  it's not even halloween, or close to it.  the house was all fenced up and pretty much looked abandoned.  random. 

i hope you all enjoyed the warm spring weather that we finally have here in the salt lake city!


Cal said...

that run sounds awesome! I need to get a jogging stroller :)

salt lake city slickers said...

yes you should invest in one!

Carol Greenhalgh said...

Could've been a real body you discovered there, Marcus

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