Wednesday, April 7

a new obsession

well i (we) found a new favorite game on the iphone, even nat loves it! it's called 'words with friends' we stayed up late last night playing against each other, ha. how pathetic are we.  she is way better than me at it though.  it is just like scrabble, but on the go.  you can pay against friends online or create your own game or play against random people, it's great!

you can also chat and talk a little trash against your opponent. if you have an iphone/itouch/ipad etc...and want to play, challenge me(us) to a game.  my user name is Markielane, bring it on!

here is the link for all of the rules and a list of all the accepted words, good luck! 


a mermaid said...

well since you admited it first.... we play this ALL THE TIME and get pretty sassy with each other in our trash talking through the little chat function! haha

one night i went out to dinner and shopping with some friends and they were so annoyed because i spent most of the time playing this with thomas who was home watching the kids!!

Dani said...

i'm pretty sure that kevin and his bff ryan play this all day, every day.

salt lake city slickers said...

cousins, lets play!

start a game, my username is


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