Thursday, February 28

Hotel Life

I have been working a lot of night shifts at work lately and towards the end of my shifts I have found myself looking at random luxury hotels all over the world. I have this deep craving for luxury and pleasing is a little sick. I currently work at the Sky Lodge in Park City and I love it. I work as the Concierge and am also doing an Internship learning about all of the different departments, it's just great. Above are some pics of my property:
Hopefully, Natalie and I will find ourselves on a beach resort next year at this time. This whole "getting an education" thing is kind of in the way though. Some days I just want to pick up and move already. I guess part of growning up is being patient though. It will all be worth the wait too. See for more information.

1 comment:

natalie said...

those rooms are amazing! we came and visited you! but we didn't go inside.

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