Friday, March 14

Reno 911

Last weekend we took off for a little road trip to Reno. Whenever the word Reno is heard, one can't help but think of the TV show, Reno 911. It is a classic example of white trash at its best. Comedy Central has done a great job! It was a fun/quick trip. We stayed with Nat's family and even did a little wedding planning. Reno is quite the city. We always joke about how "white trash" it is out there, but every time I visit I start to like Reno a little more and I am growing to appreciate the WT. It is actually nice to see the wide variety of people as you walk the streets of downtown Reno and cruise through the casino's. You can't help but watch and notice all of the people and their different ways. One will learn to appreciate the differences and when you get back to the "bubble" you start to miss them a little bit. It's all very intriguing. After all Reno is the biggest little city in the world. Can't wait until the next road trip!

PS- only 57 days until the wedding!

1 comment:

natalie said...

You'd better start likin WT cause you are WT! just kidding. Nice count down!

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