Thursday, March 1

Making $

Since Turner started playing basketball, he also took on a fond appreciation for nice basketball shoes.  With that being said, he was drawn towards what I think are expensive shoes.  Now I am all for helping my kids out, but when they grow so fast and need new shoes and clothes every few months, it makes it hard to purchase some expensive items, ha!
With that being said, We agreed to pay for a certain amount for new basketball shoes for Turner.  If he wanted a pair of shoes that was more expensive that this amount, then he would have to come up with the difference.  So what did he do?  He started collecting  the cans and bottles and turned them in at the recycling center for money.  He got his grandparents, cousins, uncle and friends to join in and they all bring him bags of cans and bottles every so often.  He gather them all together, sorts them and then takes them to the recycling center and gets his cash.  It has worked out pretty well for him and was able to purchase a couple pairs of new shoes over the past year, and he even opened a savings account at the bank as well.  Here's to growing up and trying to teach your kids valuable lessons! Keep up the good work Mr. T.

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