Monday, August 1

Foresthill Bridge

Our lives are still a little chaotic right now.  We are living between Sacramento and Reno and drive over Donner Pass way too often.  I am working at my new job and it's going well, the kiddos are swimming every single day and having a great summer.  The wifey and I are trying to finalize all the documents so we can close on our house here in the next couple of weeks, then transfer everything to CA stuff to make it all official.  It's a lot of work!  In between all of this we are trying to make some time to start exploring around here and see what our new lives will be like here in CA.  We ended up in Auburn this weekend and explore the Foresthill Bridge.  The views were amazing and we had a great time.  There seem to be plenty of hikes, and swimming holes around this town, I think we will like it here.

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