Friday, May 15

Rosie at 5 1/2 Months

Baby R is almost 6 months old!  She is smiling all the time and she makes all sorts of noises.  She is just starting to sit up on her own and is slowly getting more stable.  She loves to roll all over the floor and put anything and everything in her mouth.  She does not have any teeth yet but probably will soon.  We pulled out the dusty exersaucer and high chair from the shed earlier this week too and we started buying baby food for her as well.  She loves all the attention she gets from her older siblings and everyone else.  She is getting a little chunky and loves to eat!  She has a little bit of hair that is growing in and her eyes are blue as can be.  Overall, she is a happy baby and we love having her in our family.  The days are flying by and she grows so fast.

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