Tuesday, January 13

The Weekend

We had a fun and mellow weekend.  The kiddos have been so content just playing together at home and honestly some days they don't want to leave the house.  We put both of the older kiddos in the same room on the bunk beds and it seems to be working out.  Sure, it takes them longer to fall asleep because they are talking, singing, playing, etc..... but overall I think it will be worth it.  I had to share a room when I was a kid and I feel like it was good for me, so my kiddos will get to experience it as well.  Plus, it teaches them to share and other good stuff like that.
We had a great time watching the Seahawks game this weekend with some friends and ate a lot of good food, meat and donuts!  It looks like we may be going to the Superbowl again this year.  Next weekend we will know.
We spend some time at Chambers Bay too.  Rosie took her first walk there and she slept the entire time.  She must have enjoyed it.

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