Tuesday, September 30

Toddler D

Toddler D is enjoying her time of being the baby right now, and her world might be rocked in about 8 weeks when baby #3 is here.  Until then, she will soak up everything that she can.  Toddler D is now two and a half, she is potty trained, sleeps in a big girl bed and loves to wear tutu's, paint her nails and do anything else girly. She has a lot of personality and makes her presence known.  She is a bundle of joy, and has so much energy.  She loves to be a part of everything and wants to be included.  She has her stubborn moments  though.  She loves to play with her brother and follow his lead, while dancing and singing and just living in the moment.  She is so fun to have around and is so nice to everyone.  She calls random kids that she meets, as her friend.  She is a great friend and I love being her dad.

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