Sunday, June 15


I love being a parent and father.  Being a father is one of those things that you just don't understand until you become a father.  It's like everything changes as soon as you meet your new baby.  I have loved being a husband and father over the years and below are some of my favorite parts of being a father:
  • I love seeing my kids see new things and have new experiences.  
  • I love creating new memories with them.
  • I love exploring new things in our town with them.  
  • I love going on adventures with them.  
  • I love going on bike rides, scooter rides and taking them running with me. 
  • I love seeing them smile and laugh.  
  • I love when they come to me when they are sad or scared.  
  • I love it when they yell "DAD!"  Whether it is good or bad.  
  • I love being able to make everything feel better.  
  • I love how I can be weird and crazy, and they just think I am funny.  
  • I love playing games with them.
  • I love driving with them, with the windows down as we sing childish songs. 
  • I love spending quality time together as a family.
  • I love cooking, baking and eating with the kids.  
  • I love seeing how happy they are when they wake up each morning.  It's like you get to start again and have a fresh start each day with them. 
  • I love buying them clothes and letting them pick put some of them too. 
  • I love seeing their faces light up when they learn something new.  
  • I love loving something more than everything else.  
  • I love how they make me feel like a kid again. 
  • I love how they make me be a better man and husband.  
  • I love how they make me be more responsible at times, and they don't even realize it.  
  • I love how I can still be silly and play with them.  
  • I love how my kids can soften my heart.  
  • I love how they turn to me (and the wifey) for comfort. 
  • I love how they teach me to share again. 
  • I love how they like to be just like me.  
  • I love it when they excel at something that I never could. 
  • I love it when they make me laugh and smile. 
  • I love celebrating holidays with them.
  • I love being their teacher. 
  • I love watching them be nice to others.
  • I love being a father, I love being a dad.  

What can I say, I love being a father.  I had a great father growing up who helped me become the dad, father and husband that I am today.  I only hope I am doing my best each day with them and helping them to be successful and creative throughout their lives.  
Happy Father's Day!  


haley and danny said...

I love this post! Well said. You're an awesome dad.

Robyn Johnson said...

What a great post. You have the sweetest family. Love all of your adventures too!

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