Friday, December 20

Santa and Pets

The kiddies have been asking when they can go see Santa, so we headed over to the Olympia Mall the other night to pay Santa a visit.  We quickly got in line and soon realized that there were animals all over the place.  Everyone, except us had their dog or cat with them and they were all dressed up for this holiday season. 
We just laughed a little, well maybe a lot.  There were some interesting people in line there and they were all so serious about their pictures with Santa.  Seriously, we waited over an hour in that line while about 8 different people could get their pictures with Santa.  They probably each had them take over 15 photos and they were all so picky about how and where Santa held their pet, etc....etc.... it was comical to us.  I guess they were all probably paying #30.00 + bucks for their picture, so they wanted it to be perfect.
I guess you could probably tell that we don't own a pet.  It's not that I don't like animals, I had a black lab growing up, (Smokey - RIP) I just find it humorous that these little animals were taking over Santa line at the mall, that's all.  And I also realize that we live in Olympia, WA and there is a good mix of people that live here.  Lots of characters and personalities going on around here,  maybe that is one of the many reasons that I like it here so much. 
Any who, this is a sneaky picture that I snapped.  The kiddos were pleased and that is all that really matter.  They told Santa that they want trains and toys for Christmas.  Merry Christmas and thanks Santa! 

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