Tuesday, October 15

Vashon Island

Since the cousins were in town we knew we wanted to ride a ferry with them, so we took one over to Vashon Island one afternoon.  Riding a ferry will give visitors the true feeling on living in WA.  The weather was a little cloudy and cold, but we had a great time.  The kiddos loved the ferry ride too.  Once we got there we drove around and explored the island.  We found an awesome beach with a little cool lighthouse.  On the beach there were tons of sea shells that the kids all collected and there was a ton of drift wood all over the beach.  There were forts all over and we even build a small one of our own. 
We cruised around some more, got some food and milkshakes and then called it a night.  We barely caught one of the last ferries back to Point Defiance, ha.  We all had a great time. 

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dannyhaley said...

This post looks so fun!! We'll come visit soon.

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