Friday, October 18

Someone turned 4

While all of the double cousins were here, Mr. T had a birthday!  He is officially 4 now.  We had a fun birthday party with all of the cousins and my in-laws.  It is becoming a tradition to have family in town for Mr. T's birthday every year.  It is also Grandpa Dave's birthday the next week, so we sang o him too.   He was so excited about his presents that he forgot to eat his cake.  When he was saying his prayers that night, around 11 pm, he started to cry because he didn't even get to try his birthday cake.  We went right downstairs and chowed down while the other kiddos slept.  It was perfect! 
We had a fun night with cake, presents, balloons and playing all night long!  Happy Birthday Mr. T! 



Joanna said...

So cute that he was so sad about his cake! Ha! I'll never get over how awesome the double cousin situation is.

dannyhaley said...

Aaahhhhhhh I love that forgot to eat his cake! That's too funny. I wish we were there to celebrate with him.

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