Friday, September 27

Care Plan for Life Updates

Geesh, I have been slacking with these goal updates, I am sorry.  Below are the updates from the past two months.  For August, I decided to tackle personal.  I tried to take more time for myself and figure out where I am exactly in my life and what path I am going on.  It has been great to get some extra thoughts together and see how I really am in a good spot in my life and am happy with the choices and decisions that have been made. 

For September, I got to teach Elders Quorum at the first of the month and since then I have tried to listen to more conference talks and stuff on the Mormon Channel app on my way to work in the morning.  I have about a 25 minute drive each morning and it's so easy to listen to them with my phone.  It puts a nice mood for the day too.  Hopefully I can keep it up. 

  • Physical/Fitness
  • Spiritual
  • Career/Work Related
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Self Development
  • Pleasure/Vacation Family Time
  • Personal
  • Educational
  • Friends
  • Social
  • Kids/Children  

  • Now onto the next month, which will be all about family. 
    In fact, check out these fun pictures from last week:


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