Tuesday, August 6

Utah Trip

Last week we flew into Salt Lake City on Thursday from Seattle.  We spent the long weekend in Sundance, UT with all of my siblings and their families, (minus Derek), who is recovering from a motorcycle accident.  We had a great time and the Shields are crazy party animals, ha.  We flew in that afternoon and I think the wifey appreciated that I was there to help this time on the flight.  Normally, it's just her and the two kiddos.  They are becoming frequent fliers though. Our first stop was to pick up a car, and then we headed to Café Rio for dinner.  It was just as delicious as we remembered it.  After that, we headed up to meet all of the Shields in Sundance. 

My parents rented a huge cabin.  It was nice and big and had a great view.  The kiddos loved seeing all of their cousins too.  We went hiking, biking, played games, rode the chair lift, played on the zip line and swing and so much more!  It was nice to get away for a little bit and have some fun!  Toddler T rode his little Razor scooter 6 miles down the canyon, can you believe it?  He was limping at the end because his foot was tired of pushing, he is amazing!

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